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Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day and creating awareness for migratory birds

Create aware by distributing some of the WMBD pamphlets and make people aware of migratory birds. Target group to be informed about this WMBD event and and to raise awareness for migratory birds will be my congregation which counts more than 35000 people.

Drawing competition on the subject of migratory birds

Dr.K.Suresh, President of the Osmania Medical College Doctors' Forum will release a poster on the occasion of World Migratory Bird Day and will announce the drawing competition on the subject of migratory birds for children at Hyderabad. Ms T. Pratusha, co-ordinator of the programme will also be present.

World Migratory Bird Day Proclamation

Mayor Robertson's WMBD proclamation on behalf of the City of Vancouver to declare May 15 WMBD will be read by city officials at a ceremony with brief speeches from Bird Studies Canada at 9 am. A birdwalk to see the migration in full swing will follow.

Nomads Over Us

Birdwatchig and educating tour with children in the Novoknezevacki fishpond.

World Migratory Bird Day celebrations at Bijata Shala National Park, Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority will celebrate World Migratory Bird Day with a festival and educational activities to raise awareness for migratory birds. The celebrations will take place at Bijata Shala National Park from 14-15 May 2011 and the media will be invited to this event.

World Migratory Bird Day

The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority will organise a festival and educational activities to raise awareness for migratory birds on World Migratory Bird Day at Addis Abeba.

Bird watching of waterbirds at Ketapang

Ketapang is a region in the west Borneo province that holds the biggest wetlands in Indonesia. Among them are beaches, rice fields, mangroves, rivers, lakes, oxbows, swamps etc. These areas are the best habitats for birds and many of them migrate to Ketapang every year. Because of the variety of birds, this area is also very attractive for tourism and could help to promote this region of Indonesia.

Symbolic Bordering of the Protected Wetland of Almyros, located near Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Symbolic bordering of the wetland of Almyros, the most productive ecosystem near the town of Agios Nikolaos in Crete, Greece, in order to insure its protection and management from further human activities, as the local authorities lie dormant on the matter and have been neglecting it for years now. The event is going to take place on the 14th of May where we will place wooden pegs and signs around the wetland. At the event, we will also have speeches by scientists regarding the importance of wetlands and migratory birds.

Migratory Birds Festival in Syria

The celebration will start on Saturday, 14th May with a trip to Jabboul Lake north east of Syria for birdwatching activities. 15-20 Journalists will accompany this trip. In the afternoon a roundtable in Aleppo will discuss the role of migratory birds in nature, with a special focus on the Syrian environment.


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