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WMBD in Asturias

This year's event involves the exposition of stamp collections related to birds, posters about migration routes in Europe and photos of migratory birds.

There will be a birdwatching event at Ria de Aviles (Aviles stuary) on 8/9 May 2010.

Children have the possibility to participate in a guided tour to the exposition.

Furthermore, conferences at two collgeges are planned and a presentation with local authorities and media will be held.

Pelatihan Pengamatan Satwa

Aceh is a province that still possesses the natural wealth of biodiversity, both flora and fauna, in particular birds are dominant. Birds have a significant role for the balance of ecosystems and need to be preserved and maintained. Moreover, birds constitute an important indicator in the assessment of quality and productivity of the environment as they are relatively easy to locate. Besides birds, Aceh is also home to various other rare animal species: Among others, Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus), the Sumatran Tiger (Panther tigris sumatrae) and many more.

Madagascar Birdwatching event

During the last 10 years QMM and Birdlife International have organised birdwatching events to increase awareness on biodiversity loss in Madagascar.

This year's birdwatching event will be celebrated in November 2010 and an additional event will be organised especially for migratory birds.
There will be a birdwatching event at Ehoala beach, a film projection at school and a presentation for QMM employees.

Music, dance and lectures to celebrate migratory birds

Nature Conservation Committee in association with Birds Bangladesh, Nijhumdweep Wetland Center will organise music, dance and a lecture on saving migratory birds. A film will be shown on migratory birds as well as a bird photo exhibition. A children painting contest on birds will also be part of the programme.

World Migratory Birds Day 2011 Celebrations

  • Seminar on the topic of "Kot Addu - A Major Habitat for Migratory Birds" will be held in Jinah Hall Kot Addu in which promos and videos will also be exhibited.
  • Exhibition of Migratory Bird pictures for students.
  • Birdwatching event will be held at Taunsa Barrage Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bird watching at Sakumo Ramsar Site

The event will be organized by the Ghana Wildlife Division in collaboration with Friends of Ramsar Sites (a local NGO). Over 200 children and teachers from six basic schools from the catchment communities of the Sakumo Ramsar Site will meet for an educational programme on a range of topics - bird migration, wetlands, climate change, etc. This will be followed by a field visit to the site for bird watching. A press release on the event will be published on the 14th of May 2011.

Oiseaux des zones humides - Birds in wetlands

Lycée d'Awaé will show a documentary about birds in wetlands. Additionally, posters about wetlands and birds in their environment will be placed in schools and on strategic points in Awaé making students and people aware about this topic.

World Migratory Bird Day in Iraq

In May 2011 Nature Iraq has arranged several activities, including:

  • Birdwatching and Bird Training;
  • Ecotourism;
  • Bird related public awareness raising.

Nature Iraq will have an exhibition at the French cultural center in Erbil, and an event/lecture (from 14th-16th of May) highlighting the migratory routes through Iraq and the Iraqi marshlands.

Celebration of WMBD

This WMBD event in Egypt includes birdwatching campaigns, school visits to do some eductional activities and to distribute information materials and also news paper press releases.

Birdwatching, awareness raising activities & media event at Loktak Lake

On the occassion of WMBD 2011, the media should be sensitized for WMBD and migratory birds at Imphal. Another part of the programme will be awareness raising activities addressing students and young school children around the peripherial areas of the Loktak Lake, which will be followed by birdwatching activities and a photo competition.


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