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World Migratory Day in Jordan

JSSD is celebrating WMBD with two events:

  • production of a poster and distribution of the poster to schools all over Jordan;
  • Live TV episode on migratory birds world wide and Jordan in particular.

Learn about Migratory Birds in Palau!

The Palau Conservation Society will highlight migratory birds on its weekend television news segment.
On Tuesday, May 17, the Palau Conservation Society and the Belau National Museum will host a morning birdwatching tour at Long Island, Koror.

Mencion de las aves migratorias

Mención de evento de las aves migratoriasThe event was a talk on migratory species in the course of a radio program “Tiempo Futuro” (Universidad Tecnólogica Nacional) , which usually deals with environmental issues and natural resources.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration

In the district of Dharwad, there have been many lakes and water tanks, providing safe spots for many different migratory bird species. Some years ago, thousands of migratory birds used to come during the migratory season to these areas. Now, due to urbanization and pollution of these weltands there has been a tremendous decrease in the arrival of migratory birds.

Save Mount Slamet, Save Migratory Bird

CARAKA is organising a birdwatching trip to indentify the various migratory birds at Mount Slamet. A press release on this event will be published and information materials will be distributed.

Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day and creating awareness for migratory birds

Create aware by distributing some of the WMBD pamphlets and make people aware of migratory birds. Target group to be informed about this WMBD event and and to raise awareness for migratory birds will be my congregation which counts more than 35000 people.

Drawing competition on the subject of migratory birds

Dr.K.Suresh, President of the Osmania Medical College Doctors' Forum will release a poster on the occasion of World Migratory Bird Day and will announce the drawing competition on the subject of migratory birds for children at Hyderabad. Ms T. Pratusha, co-ordinator of the programme will also be present.

World Migratory Bird Day Proclamation

Mayor Robertson's WMBD proclamation on behalf of the City of Vancouver to declare May 15 WMBD will be read by city officials at a ceremony with brief speeches from Bird Studies Canada at 9 am. A birdwalk to see the migration in full swing will follow.

Nomads Over Us

Birdwatchig and educating tour with children in the Novoknezevacki fishpond.

World Migratory Bird Day celebrations at Bijata Shala National Park, Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority will celebrate World Migratory Bird Day with a festival and educational activities to raise awareness for migratory birds. The celebrations will take place at Bijata Shala National Park from 14-15 May 2011 and the media will be invited to this event.


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