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Society for Wetland Biodiversity Conservation Nepal

The Society for Wetland Biodiversity Conservation Nepal is going to undertake a conservation, research, and public awareness activity for WMBD 2008.

The Tunisian Bird Migration Awareness Raising Month

During the whole month of May AAO will organise awareness raising events on migratory birds, important migration and wintering sites and habitats in Tunisia, migratory waterbirds, conservation issues, etc.

The events will target the wider public as well as specific groups such as journalists, government institutions and representatives involved in migratory bird conservation, children, teachers, youth club leaders, members of AAO, etc.:

Friday 09/05 : Press meeting and distribution of a WMBD 2008 press pack in Ariana

Kayema Kampangula

Nous comptons sensibiliser les lèves dans les differents ecoles des quartier peripheris de kinshasa.

There is a bird count in Kinshasa.

La migration des oiseaux

There is a conference about migratory birds in the region la baie de Somme.

Celebrating Migratory Birds at lake Kuyucuk

Birdwatching, environmental education, press meeting, and information session at Lake Kuyucuk Important Bird Area and Key Biodiversity Area (

2008 WMBD at Shidvar Island, Iran

As a result of the UNEP/GEF SCWP awareness program WMBD was celebrated for the first time at Shidvar Island in Hormozgan Province of Iran. A field visit and birdwatching program were organized for more than 41 local students. The students studied the birds and they were presented with some information about the habitats. Drawing and painting competitions were implemented and after the birdwatching event special prizes were provided to the drawings of the winners. This campaign was covered by the local media and reported in the news.

Fly For Freedom!

We are two volunteers that work for the youth organization PRAXIS in Serres, Greece.
We will broadcast a radio show on the 13th of May, 15-17h Greek time on RodonFM 95,0 ( We will also make a short video clip for Youtube, which we will send you when it's ready.

Cecilia & Amir

Kars Kuyucuk Lake Waterbird Celebration

Birdwatching, environmental education, press meeting, and information session at Kuyucuk Lake, Important Bird Area and Key Biodiversity Area (

World Migratory Bird Day 2008 in Serres

We would like to inform you that the organizations Serres Club for UNESCO and PRAXIS will participate in the World Migratory Bird Day 2008 with the following actions:

WMBD: Wildlife Clubs Bird Festival

Nature Seychelles will co-organise a bird festival for all wildlife clubs, hosted by clubs in the Northern region of the country for all other regions. Beginning the 5th of May at school level, clubs are being sensitised on the issue during their club meetings and will organise exhibitions, visits to nearby shores and other school-based activities. At national level however we will be organising this bird festival on the Saturday 24th of May since the 10th (the official WMBD) would be the time of high tides in Seychelles, what makes it difficult to watch some migratory birds.


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