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Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day in Uganda

The following activities are being proposed for NatureUganda’s participation: 1. Press Release and Panel discussion; a panel discussion / press briefing will be organized by NatureUganda, where print and electronic media will be invited. The panel discussion / press briefing will be followed by a press release. The release will announce the launch of the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) on the weekend of 8/9 April 2006, and also release some information about the Bird Flu (Avian Flu).

Birdwatching Activity in Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Macedonia

Birdlife Macedonia is planning to celebrate that day visiting some IBAs in Macedonia with BSPSM members and students from biology (and ecology). Information on that day should also be distributed to the media.


WINGS is the central launching event of the first WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY (WMBD). It promisses to be a magical and poignant artistic creation by a group of well known international artists and performers to help celebrate the launch of the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD). WINGS will take place on the edge of the Great Rift Valley - at Ol Ari Nyiro, Laikipia Nature Conservancy on the 9th April 2006 and is an initiative from Ms Kuki and Sveva Gallmann and the Great Rift Valley Trust.

World Migratory Bird Day in Romania

Every year the National Bird Day is celebrated in Romania on 1 April. Because it is an old tradition for our country we decided to include this event in the celebration of the World Migratory Bird Day. We organized several activities meant to attract people’s attention on birds and the need to protect them.

Awareness Campaign on Migratory Bird Species and the Avian Influenza in Sri Lanka

Our activities for the WMBD:

1. Continue the National Bird Ringing program specially to study the migrant species
2. Conduct a lecture on “Latest on Bird Flu & Migratory Birds” at the University of Colombo by the foremost ornithologist in the country, Prof.S.W.Kotagama
3. Awareness among the mass public through newspaper articles, electronic media
4. Organized a research + excursion covering the 8/9 April weekend to Yala East National Park

Birdwatching and Conference-Media Event on Avian Influenza in Guayaquil, Ecuador

We are going to invite the birders, local people and local media to join our agenda for a the birdwatching activities for the 9th of April in Lago de Capeira - Guayaquil area, were we will have a \\\"Birdathon with the members of Capeira Ecological Group\\\", as well as, invite them to participate in a conference-media event \\\"Migratory Birds, Birdwatching and their relation with Avian Influenza\\\" on April 11th at Ecotec so they will learn more about the importance of migratory birds in birdwatching-turistic activities for Ecuador as well as the damage that miss-information on Avian In

Sierra Leone National Celebration Programme for WMBD

1.Production and distribution of wareness raising materials (posters, t-shirts etc.)
2.School Nature Drama Competition
3.Sensitisation parade in the streets of Freetown
4.Media sensitisation pogramme (TV, UN Radio)
5.Bird watching excursion to Aberdeen and Congo Bay

Educational Programme on Migratory Birds for Students

NCF intends to host an educational programme with the theme “migratory birds need our attention now”. Our target audience would be students, we also intend to reach the public by news articles in Nigerian dailies. The educational would include a presentation on the theme. And afterward a guided bird watch in NCFs’ nature reserve

Awareness Raising on Migratory Birds in Atananarivo, Madagascar

An exceptional line-up will be held at the National Television Broadcasting (TVM) Discussion from this exceptional line-up will concern the world migratory birds and the avian flu, AEWA covention, the on-going AEWA convention ratification of the Malagasy Government
Presentation and Film projection concerning the existing world migratory birds in Madagascar will be done at secondary schools in Nanisana, Atananarivo, Madagascar

Birdwatching in the Bamenda Highlands and Conference on Avian Influenza

Saturday 8/04
6 Am: CBCS members in 4 teams leave for birdwatching; they have with them the check list of the migratory birds of Cameroon (218 species). During the excursion all birds that will be observed will be ticked on the check list.


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