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Cicogna Day (Stork Day)

Public Stork Census
White Stork/Bird Watching
Cultural games and programmes
Cooperation with schools
White Stork Center Festival

Awareness among youth: Impact of their daily activities on the climate and migratory birds

First Event on the occasion of the World Migratory Bird Day in 2007!

Migratory birds in India have their peak in arrival in the winter season, i.e., October to early April.
Keeping this in mind, RSNH has already organized a 15 days Awareness Program on Migratory Birds in southern Rajasthan in the second half of Januray 2007. Mr. Satya Prakash Mehra (Sr. Project Officer, Bharatpur Field Office, WWF-India, Keoladeo National Park) and Mrs. Sarita Mehra (Secretary, RSNH) were the specialist of the program.

Bird migration and climate change in the Somme estuary

We will propose a conference on climate change and changes in bird behaviour, in particular in the Somme estuary. In a second part of the event, we will give a demonstration of ringing birds (passerines and other species) and we will explain on the field how to study bird migration.

Save Bird Campaign

To observe the WMBD, CREW will join hands with another NGO ARPAN (Awanti Rehabilitation Programmes and Action Networking) Society to organise a two day bird camp on May 12 and 13 for rural children, mostly belonging to the economically backward and disadvantaged families, in and around Bhopal, the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

Awareness Campaign

Audio Visual Presentation and lecture on the role of migratory birds in our lives. Guide and tips to prospective bird watchers and teach them the basic methods in safe bird watching.

Achilles Byaruhanga

NatureUganda has organised a nature walk and a boat ride on Lutebe Bay, a Ramsar site, to highlight the importance of migratory birds to the country in terms of tourism and also highlight the threats to some of the big migratory stopovers such as cut-flower growing on wetlands. It will be officiated by the head of Uganda tourism board.

World Migratory Bird Day celebrations

The event comprises of three major events namely:
1. Early morning nature walk including bird watching
2. Canoeing around the open waters including bird racing
3. public dialogue / public awareness meeting

In attendance will be the resident local communities (SSGs taking a lead on local organisation/arrangements), members of tour and tour operators, private sector and government institutions as well as members of the general public and university students.

Just - Family

-Lectures(Birds and roles)
-awareness on migratory birds - habitat and threats
-pictures and films

Some juices, biscuits and small gifts to my kids will be given. We will create a beautiful picture of a Crown Crane, dimentioned 100 x 50cm for their mother.

Celebrating Migrant Birds at Aras Bird Research and Education Center

Birdwatching, environmental education, press meeting, and information session at Aras Bird Research and Education Center located in Aras River valley Important Bird Area and Key Biodiversity Area (

Les oiseaux migrateurs: traits d'union entre les continents

A l'occasion de cette journée mondiale, nature Mauritanie mettra l'accent sur l'éducation, la sensibilisation des groupes d'écoliers du bas delta sur le phénomène migratoire des oiseaux d'eau. Ainsi une journée de réflexion sur le thème « Oiseaux migrateurs : traits d’union entre les continents » sera organisé le 10 mai 2008 à la périphérie du Parc National du Diawling.


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