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Press Information in accordance with migratory birds in collection

On the occasion of the WMBD on 12-13 May 2007 the Dortmund Zoo highlights the threats for three of its bird species caused by climate change. The Zoo will publish a press release with information concerning migratory birds. In this particular case, the White Stork, the Crane, and the Turtledove serve to represent the many other migratory birds facing the loss of their habitats and changes to their migration patterns, which endanger their survival.

Presentation on Migratory Birds and Climate Change / Visit of Ramsar site

This set of events includes a presentation on the topic of \'Migratory Birds and Climate Change\' (French) and a visit to a local Ramsar site in Madagascar. WMBD will further be promoted as part of this.

Press release

We are going to send a press release about the WMBD later this week, and the chosen subject, climate change. We couldn\'t organize something more ambitious, since this event was out of our schedule when we planned the year. We hope next year we can participate more actively, specially if the date is little bit sooner in the year.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebrations

A small exhibition on climate change and birds will be held at Hyderabad, Capital of Andhra Pradesh Province of India. A drawing competition for children will be implemented, too. The World Migratory Bird Day is being marked for the first time here.

GWS Bird Mayevents

-Sunday 6th May 2007: National Broadcast of dawn bird calls
-Thursday 10th May 2007: Press Release and Press Conference to launch the celebration followed by a forum on Migration, Flyways and climate change/global warming
-News Article in National Dailies
-Organise introductory and interactive lessons on bird watching and wetlands exploration for families and friends, tour operators and guides at Ramsar sites. This will be done in form of bird watching tours to two Ramsar sites every weekend in May 2007

Presentacion Centro Interpretacion y Observatorio de aves

Presentation of progress of the Interpretation Center and Bird Observatory in front of authorities and press.

Migratory birds in the face of development and climate change

The event will start with a radio programme followed by field trip (birdwatching),seminar and a quiz competition. The whole exercise will last for four days and we hope to bring together students, scientists, government representatives and many more at the Aberdeen Creek (part of the only Ramsar site in Sierra Leone) that is under threats from constructional purposes (shelter, recreational facilities...).

Creating awareness on the linkage of Wetlands to migratory birds

Celebration of the World Migratory Bird Day in Liberia. This year we will focus mainly on awareness. We will try to create awareness on the importance of conserving migratory birds and create a link between migratory birds and wetlands in Liberia. Please find below the timetable for our celebration.

April 21, 2007--- Celebration program planning meeting .

April 28, 2007-- Environmental Rapid Assessment of the Mesurado Wetland (one of five ramsar Sites in Liberia).

Albatros y Petreles - Investigacion y Conservacion en Uruguay (Albatrosses and Petrels - Research and conservation in Uruguay)

Exposicion y charlas informativas sobre la conservacion de los Albatros y Petreles de Uruguay.
Estas especies se encuentran amenazadas por la captura incidental en los barcos pesqueros Por tal motivo es de vital importancia mostrarle a la sociedad uruguaya, la importancia.
(Exhibition and conference on the conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels in Uruguay - Topic: Bycatch, conservation and educational measures for the local communities in Uruguay.)

WMBD2007 Bangladesh

This WMDB 2007 activity will take place in the capital city Dhaka and the port city Chitagaong. The event will include guided bird watches, bird identifications, indoor meetings, lectures, seminars, poster & bird photo exhibitions, films, celebrating the wonders of migratory birds with art performances (music, theatre, dance and poetry recitations), children’s events (face printing, bird costume making, nature cards making, painting and bird quiz competitions), and exhibitions (bird painting, bird prints, bird photographs).


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