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Educational Activity

Birds on the Niagara

Birds on Niagara is in our 3rd year as an International Bird Festival celebrating both the winter birds on the Niagara River Strait, and providing year round educational activities with partners on both sides of the border.  Our goals are to both raise the awarness of birds, and to help to introduce citizen science to very critical conservation needs. This spring during the Corvid-19 pandemic we are hosting a series of vitural events to help keep people connected.

Hartford Urban Bird Discovery

World Migratory Bird Day educational activities, as well as references to local activities will be posted online, at www.ParkWatershed.org

Dr Salim Ali Bird Lovers' Day.

Keoladeo National Park & Ramsar Convention Site Bharatpur invites you all to a 2- 3 day Migratory Bird Awareness watching migratory birds mapping program in the park.

World Migratory Bird Day 2020 in Indonesia with HIMPUS

World Migratory Bird Day 2020 in Indonesia this year will be celebrated with a series of events starting from 10 May 2020 to 11 October 2020. This year's celebration is a bit different from a few years ago because in Indonesia the COVID-19 prevention will continue until the end of May. But the efforts of the Poultry Lovers Student Association (HIMPUS) of the Veterinary Faculty of Syiah Kuala University did not want the closedown to become an obstacle to continuing to make people aware of the habitat and species of migratory birds. Activities which will be held by HIMPUS are namely:

Surfside Bird Migration Day

Join us for some fun virtual games and contests on Facebook and Instagram @VisitSurfsideBeachTX

We will have lots of educationa links and information on migrating. We have 2 expert video events discussing world migration scheduled. We will have a chilfdren's storytime! We have a couple of Facebbok Live scheduled, a bird photo contest, and a kid's art contest! We also will be hosting a plastics cleanup on the beach!

The 9th Bird Painting Exhibition for Kindergartens

Childern's pictures of birds will be exhibited in Yonago Waterbird Sanctuary Center.

Migration Celebration 2020 at Green Cay Nature Center

Migration Celebration is a FREE event for all ages with a purpose of educating the public, encouraging an appreciation for nature, fostering a respect for wildlife, and of course, have fun! As an official Migratory Bird Day event, we will join hundreds of organizations from around the world exploring the routes of migratory birds, focusing on tracking technologies, and how this knowledge is used to inform conservation. We hope you will join us for guided tours, live animals, exhibitors, face painting, and more!

Phobjkha Wetland Cleaning

An awareness-cum-cleaning campaign on World Migratory Bird Day, in Phobjikha will be conducted on 9th May 2020. A cleaning campaign of the Phobjikha wetland, involving the local community, would not only help in cleaning up the area but would also provide an opportunity to learn about the situation of the wetland due to improper waste management. Participants will be divided into groups of 20-30 and the entire wetland will be divided into patches to be cleaned up by respective groups. At the end of the cleaning campaign the waste collected will be weighed and segregated.

Limpieza del entorno

Campaña de limpieza de la laguna


Huilotl Toxtlan guías comunitarias de los tuxtlas

World Migratory Bird Day at The Cradle of Forestry in America

April and May are bursting with sound and color at Cradle of Forestry in America as many neotropical migrant birds fly to the North Carolina mountains amongst their breeding territories in the northern United States and Canada. The heavily forested mountains provide a key resting and feeding refuge for these migrants.  It is possible to see as many as 25 species of wood warblers on a single day during the peak of spring migration with species such as hooded warblers, worm-eating warblers, black-and-white warblers, northern parulas, many blue-headed vireos and on occasion, one may spot rare


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