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World Migratory Bird Day at The Belize Zoo

This event will take place at The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, on this day, regular visitors will have access to a booth with information of this year's theme. This event will be even more special for the birding club that consist of about 20 children from nearby communities. A presentation on this year's theme will be catered for them as well as some games and prizes. 

World Migratory Bird Day at Eisenhower National Historic Site

Join us at Eisenhower National Historic Site, from 12 pm to 4 pm, to learn about migratory birds on World Migratory Bird Day.  Explore how birds use the lands preserved at the Eisenhower farm during spring and fall migrations.  Join a ranger on a guided bird walk and participate in several hands-on educational activities at our information table.  Explore the grounds that Ike and Mamie loved and embark on a feathered friend scavenger hunt as you tour the Eisenhower home.

Festival por el Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias

El Festival por el Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias que celebramos cada año en la ciudad de San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, en el mes de octubre o noviembre tiene la finalidad de concientizar y promover el cuidado y la conservación de las aves y sus ecosistemas. Aunado a multiples actividades relacionadas con los temas de conservación que cada año promovemos siguiendo las recomendaciones del manual del organizador que nos proveen, también incluimos temas de relevancia cultural, social e histórica para los asistentes locales y demás personas que asisten de lugares cercanos.

Actividades de educativas y de ciencia ciudadana en Carazo, Nicaragua

Educadores en Carazo participaron de actividades de ciencia ciudadana y actividades educativas con niños, jóvenes y adultos en esta celebración a nivel mundial, en el cual se divulgaron mensajes educativos bajo el lema: Agua vital para las aves. Utilizando material educativo de las aves protagonistas del DMAM.

Cedar Hill Migratory Bird Day

Participants will learn about the migratory birds that can be found at Dogwood Canyon and the unique aspects of this habitat.

Please check in at the front desk upon arrival. Bring your own binoculars.

RSVP required. By donation.

Bird Day at the Wetlands Center

Join us for a day of learning about the importance of this site to migratory birds. 

St. Louis Zoo: World Migratory Bird Day

The Saint Louis Zoo is teaching guests about the importance of helping migratory birds. Saturday is World Migratory Bird Day.

In celebration, the zoo will have special treats and activities. The festivities are Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be bird watching at the North Lake, themed art projects, and an opportunity to craft your own native seeds for birds.

Officials say they have a large-scale network of more than 800 tracking towers that allow biologists to monitor the movements of animals for the benefit of conservation.

World Migratory Bird Day

Audubon Society of Lincoln City is celebrating World Migratory Bird Day this Saturday, May 13, at Oregon Coast Community College, 3788 SE High School Drive, Lincoln City.

This year’s theme, “Water: Sustaining Bird Life,” is particularly appropriate for Lincoln City with its seven miles of ocean beach, two major rivers with estuaries, and a large freshwater lake. These varied sources of water provide migrating birds with a welcome source of habitat and food as they travel along the Pacific Flyway — some stopping for a few weeks and others staying for months at a time.

Las aves migratorias en el Tajo Internacional

Celebramos el Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias con el grupo de ocio y tiempo libre de Brozas (Cáceres). Realizaremos un avistamiento de aves en el Parque Periurbano de la Charca de Brozas y Ejido, realizando posteriormente un juego sobre las aves migratorias que allí habitan.

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) Nantucket Field Station Meet and Greet

Join us at the Nantucket Field Station Saturday May 13th 2023 for World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) to learn about WMBD, the importance of water to migrating birds and to bird this location of various wetland habitats. Learn about the Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative Aquatic Threats Committee and contribute to the local bird-a-thon!


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