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Youth for Migratory Birds: A Forum on Migratory Birds Protection and Wetland Conservation

With the changing climate and increasing temperature of our planet, our way of life has been compromised. Biodiversity loss is increasing at an alarming rate, almost 150 species are becoming extinct each day. Migratory birds provide ecosystem benefits that include pest control, pollination of plants, and serve as food sources for other wildlife. It is our collective duty to protect these beautiful creatures and make sure that the next generation can also witness these species.

World Migratory Bird Day at the Vista Grande Public Library in Santa Fe

Our event features live raptor demonstrations, lectures about birds who live in this area year around or pass through on their way to/from "up north" to the southern hemisphere, bird walks, bird oragami demonstrations.

Migratory Birds Game Project End

CEIP Las Pedrizas in Soria (Spain) and École élémentaire Jean Moulin in Tinqueaux (France) pupils participating in the eTwinning Project "The migratory Birds' Game" will celebrate the end of the game, sharing pictures taken by them of their neighbour birds: beeaters, cuckoos, swallows, swifts or white storks. The pictures will be shared in the Twinspace sponsored by the Erasmus+ programme eTwinning.

Guanajuato 4º Campamento del Día Mundial de las aves Migratorias

 Comenzaremos con conferencias y dinámicas aprendiendo sobre la importancia de las aves y su migración. Al anochecer se proyectarán películas/documentales al aire libre con temas de importancia en la conservación de las aves. Al amanecer tendremos un recorrido por el parque y parte del ANP Cerro de Arandas, finalizando con una comida (picnic) y agradecimiento a los participantes.

Syria, the bottle Neck of migrating birds

Ministry of Education celebrate The world migratory bird day 2021 through different activities including broadcasting a videofilm about Bird Migration, announcing this event in all educational multimedia and showing the importance of Syria as a main center for crossing different species of birds during migration.

Calvert MD Birding Trail Kickoff on Migratory Bird Day

Event by Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, American Chestnut Land Trust - ACLT and 3 others
Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum
Tomorrow at 10 AM EDT – 2 PM EDT
46–61°F Partly Cloudy
Price: Free · Duration: 4 hr
Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

“Flying High Connecting the World": Celebrating World Migratory Birds Day!

This activity will be held during the synchronous online science class of Tondo High School, Manila, Philippines. 

As the students go through this lesson, they will be able to:

Webinár: Senianske rybníky - najvýznamnejšia lokalita migrujúceho vtáctva na Slovensku

Pri príležitosti Svetového dňa migrujúceho vtáctva Vás pozývame na webinár Slovenskej ornitologickej spoločnosti/BirdLife Slovensko, na ktorom sa budeme s ornitológom Matejom Repelom rozprávať o najvýznamnejšej slovenskej lokalite pre migrujúce vtáctvo - Senianskych rybníkoch. Prenesieme Vás na chvíľu na východ Slovenska, kadiaľ každoročne migrujú tisícky vtákov a a spojíme sa aj s birdwatchermi, ktorí sa pripravujú na tzv. Svetový veľký deň a možno Vás inšpirujú k výletmi za vtákmi.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration 2021!

World Migratory Bird Day in London!

London, ON – The newly formed London Bird Team is pleased to announce the first ever celebration in London for World Migratory Bird Day. This year’s theme is “Sing, Fly, Soar - like a Bird!”

Virtual Bird Banding Session At Hilton Pond

We'll be banding birds all day at Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History in honor of World Migratory Bird; unfortunately, because of COVID the Center is closed so the event will be virtual. Nonetheless, all day we'll be posting photos of birds we band on the Center's Facebook page at Check us out if you can. :-)


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