Educational Activity

Taller Ciencia Ciudadana. Práctica app Naturalista y EBird, Observación de Aves Urbanas

Workshop "Introduction to Citizen Science" with Bird Watching and the EBird application, walk to observe nature and use of the Naturalista app, with the Youth Institute of the State of Zacatecas in the Parque de la Encantada, accompanied by Mauricio Acevedo Rodríguez, Adrián Suárez and Sandra Mendoza Barrera.

World Migratory Bird Day at Little Beaver State Park

Minds were able to take flight On May 14, 2022, at little Beaver State Park. The park teamed up with Three Rivers Avian Center for their annual Migration Celebration!

The event gave families a hands-on experience to learn about our native migrating birds. In addition to getting up close and personal with horned owls, falcons, and even a bald eagle, folks had a chance to learn about West Virginia ecosystems, bird bone structure, and much more.

World Migratory Bird Day at Inidira Gandhi Zoological Park

Marking the 'World Migratory Bird Day' observed on May 14, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) is going to organise a range of events for bird enthusiasts. In this connection, the IGZP is conducting a 'Bird Watching' event. Many species of migratory birds can be found in and around Visakhapatnam Zoo.

World Migratory Bird Day at Sarnia Cantara Park

May 14 from 10 am to 2 pm

Lambton Wildlife will provide guided hikes with experienced birders during the event.

The group Bird Friendly Sarnia will have information on the negative impacts of light pollution on migratory birds.

The Bluewater Centre for Raptor Rehabilitation will provide information about avian flu and how migratory birds, particularly eagles and turkey vultures, are being impacted.


As KASESE TOUR OPERATORS AND GUIDES ASSOCIATION (KATOGA), we'll be celebrating the WMBD with a birdwatching excursion and later sensitise the community of Kasese on conservation and nature lovers

Awareness of elementary school children through visit school and art drawing competition

Awareness of elementary school children through visit school and art drawing competition (hosted by wild Heritage of Sumatra Foundation – Indonesia)
Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 May 2022

Mangroves restoration for the birds survival

Awareness campaign on mangroves restoration in relation to birds regenera.

Save Light for The Future of Migratory Birds

Save Light for The Future of Migratory Birds (hosted by Aceh Bird Club – Indonesia)
Monday 16 – Sunday 22 May 2022

Celebración Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias Academia Británica Cuscatleca

Del 5 al 17 de mayo los estudiantes desde 5th y 11th grados realizarán diferentes actividades: harán fotografías de las aves que visitan la Academia Británica Cuscatleca, habrá una charla sobre las aves migratorias y el impacto de la contaminación lumínica, por parte de Leticia Andino, coordinadora del Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias para Centroamérica. Realizarán piscuchas de aves  (junto a Judith Méndez) y luego las volarán, también se tendrán aves en 3D-Paper craft y Poemas de Aves durante la semana. 


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