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World Migratory Bird Day at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

On the second Saturday of May we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day! Join us for a festival devoted to the birds that enliven our skies and enrich our lives.  Through various family-fun activities, guided bird walks, and auditorium programs, discover the world of migratory birds and learn how you can enjoy them at home and help us protect them.

World Migratory Bird Day on San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day on San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge!

Location: at the north end of 12th and 13th Street, in Imperial Beach.

World Migratory Bird Day at the Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo will be hosting a day to celebrate the migration of nearly 350 species of migratory birds from wintering sites to summer nesting sites. International Migratory Bird Day will be held on Saturday, May 11 from 1pm-4pm.  Visitors can learn about birds and bird conservation through information, activities and games throughout the zoo.

Family Nature Night: All About Birds

Family Nature Night aims to engage Norfolk area families in natural play. The Outdoor Classroom offers fort building, tree climbing, water play, music and dancing, a chance to get muddy and much more. Join us as we celebrate International Migratory Bird Month.       

Cost: FREE          

All Ages ; children must be accompanied by an adult

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

2201 North 13th Street, Norfolk, NE 68701

Is Pre-registration required: No

Art Zone at Kearney Area Children's Museum

Join us in our Art Zone for special bird-themed crafts. You may also find a Feather Scavenger Hunt throughout the Museum. Can you find the feathers?

Cost: Free for museum members. Free to guests with general admission

Families, children must be accompanied by an adult

Kearney Area Children's Museum

The Alia Arram Memorial Building, 5827 4th Avenue, Kearney, NE 68845

Is pre-registration required: No

Southeast District Birding Day at Indian Cave State Park

We will meet at 7:30 in the parking lot at the entrance to Indian Cave State Park. From there we will divide into groups, travel to different locations within the park and hike sites looking for woodland and other bird species.  Event is held rain or shine; mist netting is weather dependent.   Participants should bring their own lunch.

birdwatching and educational Activity

World Migratory Bird Day activities were held for the first time in the city of Langsa, for activities to be carried out in the mangrove of Langsa City, this activity was held on 22 May 2019, with a series of education about migratory birds and bird watching in the afternoon. community and students and communities in the city of Langsa.

"Las Aves y el Plástico"

Nos planteamos una actividad educativa con un grupo de niños de kindergarten para difundir soluciones sencillas y prácticas de manera de evitar el uso de plásticos en su hogar y en la escuela para la conservación de las aves en sus comunidades, de manera de mostrar cómo vivir en consonancia con un estilo de vida ecoamigable.

Meno plastica per tutti

Attività di sensibilizzazione per adulti e ragazzi, pulizia di un'area all'interno del territorio comunale.

Ritrovo ore 10:00 presso l'area verde di Madonna del Piano, Via 1 Maggio, Monte Castello di Vibio
E' consigliato portare dei guanti ed indossare abbigliamento adatto per la possibile presenza di fango lungo il percorso.

Екскурсія "Чи виживе оазис дикої природи серед міста?"

Маршрут екскурсії пролягатиме каскадом ставків у заплавній долині річки Омелянівка (притоки Стиру) в районі Черчиць та Кічкарівки у м. Луцьку( неподалік вулиць Чернишевського та Ковельської).

Еколого-освітня екскурсія приурочена до Всесвітнього дня мігруючих птахів


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