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Educational Activity

Uniendo continentes: El sorprendente fenómeno de la migración de aves

  • Primeras ideas sobre la migración
  • ¿Qué es la migración? ¿Por qué migran las aves?
  • Evolución de la migración
  • Patrones de migración
  • Bases fisiológicas
  • Mecanismos de orientación y navegación
  • Rutas migratorias
  • Amenazas y conservación
  • Técnicas para el estudio de la migración

Big Foot Forward Festival

Don't Stand By Stand UP and Put your Bigfoot Forward and help us Save our Eagleby Wetlands where we are hosting an exciting and fun-filled open day to celebrate World Migratory Birds Day on: 12th October at Olivers Sports Grounds from 11am.There will be a huge variety of stalls and activities for the whole family including BigFoot's WILDTRIBE guided walks, bandslikeMayan Fox and LIVE  music on stage, bush poetry ,our Locally famous Ukelade Band, children’s activities, art exhibitions, Indigenous cultural activities and see important Scar Trees( centuries old), drinks for adults,birding,beer

DMAM de la Institución Educativa Dxi`Phaden

Institución Educativa Bilingüe DXI PHADEN, sede el Guabito.

En cuanto a los materiales y el tema de este año de la DMAM muy pertinente ya que es el momento
propicio promover aplicar el concepto de las 4 Rs, ya que se vienen haciendo grandes esfuerzos por
crear la cultura de la separación selectiva de los residuos solidos.

30 alumnos, 2 docentes y 2 Kapiyasa

Piringa fluva - Piranga rubra - Pheucticus lodovicianus - Parkesia noveboracensis

Protonaria citrea - Coccyzus americnus - Buteo Swainsoni Tyrannus savana

DMAM Limpiemos la playa para recibir a las aves migratorias

DMAM EFTA En el dia internacional de las aves migratorias, se convocará a una limpieza de playa, que incluye platica acerca de como los plasticos afectan a las aves en general, así mismo, se hara un recorrido de observación de aves.

Familiar Birdwatching by Pau Querétaro

We are a group of Birdwatching in Querétaro México. The objetive for this event it's register all the posible species of birds at the park Alfalfares.

World Migratory Bird Day at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park

Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day by participating in a scavenger hunt for Nebraska’s birds. Join us at the Administration Office any time between 9am and 1pm to receive a list of bird species, park map, and instructions. A digital camera or phone camera will be required. The event is free and may be completed at your own pace.  Prizes will be awarded. Bring your own binoculars, water, and dress for the weather.

Birding On The Prairie

The program consists of a birding activity in the prairie, a short talk about the importance of the conservation of natural resources and the protection of our birds, and a bilingual tour through our site.

World Migratory Bird Day at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Did you know that more than 350 species of bird migrate each year? The 2019 theme for Migratory Bird Day revolves around the problem of plastic pollution, and is focused on how we can help our feathered friends stay safe and healthy all year long! Learn more about these amazing animals with a special keeper talk at 2:15 p.m.

Talking face to face with pepole near Zayanderud river

On May 11th, some members of AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society, in collaboration with cultural department of Nazhvan Forest Park, went among people in this park to introduce this day and talk face to face with them about this year’s theme: “Protect Birds: Be The Solution To Plastic Pollution”. Taking photos of people while holding the day’s poster, our members listened to people’s solutions and suggestions and talked to them about harms of plastic for nature and birds in particular.

Public Birdwatching near ZayandehRud river

On 10th of May, AvayeBoom Bird Conservation Society led a group of 12 birdwatching and environmentalist enthusiasts. On this 3-hour tour that lasted from 8 am to 11am, participants got to watch the birds on eastern bank of Zayenderud river at Bagh-e-Javan Park in Esfahan. Luckily, due to the flowing water and mild weather condition, around 20 bird species were observed and identified. Following is the list of observed birds:
Little bittern 
Night heron
Eurasian golden oriole
Little egret
Cattle egret
Willow warbler
Hooded crow


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