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Join us for some fun time. We'll have some bird quizzes with prizes, and other activities. 

11:30 am Eastern - Learn about wetlands and the importance to birds from a school in Colombia

1 pm Eastern - Join storytime with Paul Bogard as he reads his book, What if Night? Then we'll do an art activity with the illustrator Sarah Holden. 


World Migration Bird Day

Ornithologist Dr. Jeff Bell will share insights on which migratory birds are passing through and which ones have returned to nest in our area. Bird walk along the Sand Hill River Trail. Mist net capture and release of birds if weather allows. 


FRIDAY MAY 6 at 1 pm EDT

Fly behind the scenes of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s Shorebird Collective to meet quantitative ecologist Allie Anderson, PhD. Join us Friday, May 6 at 1pm to learn about Allie’s unZOOsual career using tracking data, math, coding, and maps to save shorebirds! This program is free, live captioned, and #ASL interpreted.

Protection of migratory birds in Miankaleh wetland by the Caspian Sea, Mazandaran, Iran.

Miankaleh wetland situated in East of the Caspian Sea was a point of news during the past months from Jan. to April 2022 for protection of the wetland itself, its biodiversity, etc. against construction of a petrochemical plant and finally we won with support of people to stop the plant.

World Migratory Bird Day 2022

This is a walk in event. Activities include:
Bird Mask and boardwalk game for kids of all ages. Learn about how you can reduce light pollution by evaluating how you use lights at night.

Gang Hwa Big Bird Race(GHBBR)

1. Competition management method

- <2022 GHBBR> will run for two days 30 April ~ 1 May.

- From 11AM. to 11AM on the next day (24 hours)

- 3~5 participants constitute one team, and each team will conduct bird-watching.

- The bird-watching records must be uploaded to the competition's official monitoring platform using the host-approved camera memory card (two memory cards per team).

- We do not accept records during official schedules, such as orientation, dinner, etc.

- Review and award the submitted records based on the results.


Awareness of elementary school children through visit school and art drawing competition

The eastern coast of North Sumatra is one of the most important wintering locations for some of the shorebirds on the East Asian-Australasian flyway. One of the locations is on the Batubara regency coastline, which is known as an important site for Nordmann's Greenshank (Putra et al. 2021), Great knot, Far-eastern curlew, Asian Dowitcher, curlew sandpiper, Bar-tailed Godwit, and others shorebirds. Limited information on shorebirds migrating in this area, causing threats to birds, such as hunting. Based on our observation, there have been several bird hunting in this location.

Migratory Bird Day at Bluewater Centre

Learn about migratory birds and the impacts of light pollution.

Fontenelle Forest Migratory Bird Day

Join us for a Migratory Bird Day Celebration!

Have you ever wondered why do some birds migrate and others don’t? How do they complete their seasonal journeys and what dangers do they face?

Fontenelle Forest is participating in a citizen-science event in partnership with other state-wide organizations to help celebrate Nebraska’s Migratory Bird Month.

This event will include:


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