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Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival

April 21: 2nd Annual Pro-Enviro Fair at the University Sports & Fitness Center, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Registration for \\\\\\\"Birdwatching the Best Birds\\\\\\\". Free movie (7:00 pm): Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill\\\\\\\", UVI auditorium.

April 22: \\\\\\\"Birding for Beginners\\\\\\\" at the UVI Marine Science Center, 8:00 - 10:00 am. Free movie (7:00 pm) \\\\\\\"March of the Penguins\\\\\\\", UVI auditorium.

April 29: Submission of checklists and awards for Birding the Best Birds, UVI, 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Bird and Nature Festival

Each spring the Bird and Nature Festival is held in Abbeville and the towns facing the bay of the Somme. We organise a film and a photographic competitions, several art and photo exhibitons, workshops for children, lectures and many guided walks.The bird is the heart of the festival, many migratory birds stop here, the festival offers a unique opportunity to watch them and to know more about their life and habits.

WMBD 2007 in Uzbekistan

About 200 students and teachers of Bukhara State Unversity have celebrated the WMBD on 12 May 2007 in a nice place called Sarmyshsay near Navoi,SE Uzbekistan. This event was organized under the BirdLife/RSPB project \"Important Bird Areas in Uzbekistan\". Contacts for this WMBD Event are: Prof. Savridin Bakaev [[email protected]] Dr. Mukhtar Turaev Alexander Solokha [[email protected]]

WMBD 2007 Zimbabwe

-Poems by school kids -Presentations by BirdLife Zimbabwe staff and members -Birdwatching

Opening of Solana Ulcinj Information Centre, Montenegro

The new exhibition in the Solana Ulcinj offers local people and tourists information on the salt production and the importance of the 1.500 ha large wetland area for bird migration over the Adriatic Sea. The value of Solana Ulcinj is far beyond the production of salt, although the working places are important and the quality of the natural produced salt is high. Solana Ulcinj is a key site for waterbirds in bottleneck time during breeding, passage and wintering for the entire Bojana-Buna Delta and the Central European Flyway before and after crossing the Adriatic Sea.

Teacher Student Discussion Meeting both at University and at School level

Discussion meeting on \"Migratory Birds of Bangladesh in Changing Climate\" with teachers and students at university level which was held on 13 May 2007 in Dhaka. This meeting was organized to build awareness, reaching students and teachers with the message of the day and to sensitize them on the issue. It was part of environmental campaign of BNCS.

BNCS has also organized another meeting for school students and teachers outside Dhaka at Norshingdi on 15 May 2007.

Bird release on the occasion of WMBD at the Kochav HaYarden National Park

The site is part of the Rift Valley, which is an important passage for bird migration: The public (including regional schools) is invited to take part in the release of 6 rehabilitated raptors (Levant sparrowhawk, Black kite, Steppe buzzard & Marsh harrier) that where injured due to anthropogenic factors while migrating back north. The emphasize is laying on the dangers that human impose to migratory birds in Israel & the Middle East. The release will be covered by main media channels in Israel.

AEWA Festival

On the 2nd of June 2007, SPNL will be celebrating WMBD in Kfar Zabad Wetland as it is a newly established Important Bird Area (IBA) and a Hima (community protected area), under its global theme for this year theme \"Migratory birds in a changing climate\".
SPNL\'s aim in celebrating this event is to enlighten the public in general and children in particular on the intriguing aspect of bird biology, climate change, bird migration and the importance of Hima Kfar Zabad as a main route for African-Eurasian waterbirds.

Celebremos a las aves migratorias (Celebrate migratory birds)

Talleres educativos, observacion de aves, conferencias con ornitologos, concursos de fotografia, dibujo y pintura. (Educational Workshops, Conferences, Fotoexhibition, Scientific Information on Ornithology)

III. International Eskikaraagac Stork Festival

The stork festival is part and result of a stork conservation project called” Stork friendly villages around Lake Uluabat”, which has been initiated and is kooperated by Prof. Ismet Arici and Franziska Arici, supported by several GO’s and NGO’s.

The festival itself is organized by a committee and supported and financed by the Municipality of Nilüfer, the Nilüfer Local Agenda and other GO’s and NGO’s.

The programme of the festival:

1. Day Workshop - Lake Uluabat: discussing the problems and identifying solutions

with the following presentations, for example:


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