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WMBD: Wildlife Clubs Bird Festival

Nature Seychelles will co-organise a bird festival for all wildlife clubs, hosted by clubs in the Northern region of the country for all other regions. Beginning the 5th of May at school level, clubs are being sensitised on the issue during their club meetings and will organise exhibitions, visits to nearby shores and other school-based activities. At national level however we will be organising this bird festival on the Saturday 24th of May since the 10th (the official WMBD) would be the time of high tides in Seychelles, what makes it difficult to watch some migratory birds.

Dakatcha Woodland Conservation Bird Migratory Campaigns

1. Morning and evening bird walks
2. Songs, poems & dances
3. Excursion tours and field trips within Dakatcha woodland IBA
4. Educating local community, schools & churches on biodiversity conservation
5. Tree planting programmes
6. Creating awareness & sensitizing the public on the importnce of environmental conservation

WMBD Festival

10th May- Photography Competition & other activities
11th May- Seminar on Migratory Birds of Yamuna

Mersi Expo

"Mersi" is the name of bird watching activities that are commonly scheduled by BIONIC (Biology UNY Ornithology Club). The word “Mersi” represents an acronym of the Javanese word “Mersani Peksi”, which means to watch birds. Activity "Mersi" has taken place for 3 years running, but in this year (2008), it is carried out as an exhibition or expo event to touch broader scope of people.

International Migratory Bird Day

International Migratory Bird Day Saturday, May 10,2008 8:00am - 1:00pm
Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
14500 Lark Bunting Lane
Brighton, CO

See wild birds in the hand and learn about their migration!

8:00-11:00 Family Bird Walks & Bird Banding Station
9:00-1:00 Bird activities for kids & adults
Build birdhouses and birdfeeders
Bird silhouette Scavenger hunt
Bird ID basics & information on Colorado’s migrating birds
Run the migration obstacle course!

Activities for Friends of Wings

The planned event will include a guided birdwatching tour, workshops, a poster & bird photo exhibition, a film, showing the wonders of birds with art performances (music, theatre, dance and poetry recitations), children’s events (such as face paintings, bird costume making, designing nature cards, painting and bird quiz competitions), and exhibitions (such as bird paintings, bird prints and bird photographs).

Georgian Kids for the Protection of Migratory Birds

We are planning activities connected to the protection of migratory waterbirds throughout Georgia. For this purpose we aim to contact Georgian schools (through the Ministry of Education) and organize activities such as children's art exhibitions and concerts. Meanwhile we are going to announce a competition for the best Georgian (unfortunately we do not have sufficient sources to invite international participants) song on the subject of the protection of migratory birds.

Festival Internacional de las aves migratorias - International festival of migratory birds

Se llevan a cabo inauguración en la plaza pública del Puerto de San Blas, Nayarit. Hay 10 rutas de observación de aves, talleres infantiles, conferencias, concursos de artes plasticas, eventos culturales y exposiciones.

An international bird festival will be opened on the public plaza in the Port of San Blas, Nayarit. A presentation of 10 migratory bird species will be given accompanied by a workshop for children, conferences, a contest of plastic arts, cultural events and exhibitions.

WMBD celebrations in Kosovo

The organisation FINCH will implement a WMBD event for the first time in Kosovo. We are planning to have a meeting in the centre of the city of Prizren, the second biggest city in Kosovo. Preparations are underway to organize the same meeting in the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina.
The WMBD activity will include birdwatching sessions at the river of Drini where different kinds of migratory birds can be seen.
The event aims to make people aware for the protection of migratory birds.

Wings Over Weston

A day of bird hikes, demonstrations, booths, games, music, food, and live birds from Operation Wildlife. Tents and booths will be based at the overlook and shelter areas of the park.

Open to the general public 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free of charge.

With the purpose of raising awareness of the region as an Important Bird Area (IBA) - which is an area of importance to birds that breed here, or depend on the available food and shelter during migration.


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