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Celebremos a las aves migratorias (Celebrate migratory birds)

Talleres educativos, observacion de aves, conferencias con ornitologos, concursos de fotografia, dibujo y pintura. (Educational Workshops, Conferences, Fotoexhibition, Scientific Information on Ornithology)

III. International Eskikaraagac Stork Festival

The stork festival is part and result of a stork conservation project called” Stork friendly villages around Lake Uluabat”, which has been initiated and is kooperated by Prof. Ismet Arici and Franziska Arici, supported by several GO’s and NGO’s.

The festival itself is organized by a committee and supported and financed by the Municipality of Nilüfer, the Nilüfer Local Agenda and other GO’s and NGO’s.

The programme of the festival:

1. Day Workshop - Lake Uluabat: discussing the problems and identifying solutions

with the following presentations, for example:

International Migratory Bird Day Celebration (Helena, Montana, USA)

This Celebration begins at 6:30 AM with early morning bird walks along the shores of the Reservoir. We expect to see great blue herons, Canada geese, Western grebes, American white pelicans, and song sparrows, among others. Hands-on activities run from 9 am to 2 pm and will include information on how to photograph birds, duck decoy carving, bird identification for all ages, and habitat enhancement projects for the home.

\"Flyways\" - World Premiere for the Paul Winter Composition

The composition, named Flyways, will be performed at a world premiere festive gala concert in Israel. The performance will include 28 musicians from many countries along the Great Rift Valley, while the composition combines ethnic music from about 15 countries along the Great Rift Valley and combines the calls of the birds that migrate along this route.

WMBD2007 Bangladesh

This WMDB 2007 activity will take place in the capital city Dhaka and the port city Chitagaong. The event will include guided bird watches, bird identifications, indoor meetings, lectures, seminars, poster & bird photo exhibitions, films, celebrating the wonders of migratory birds with art performances (music, theatre, dance and poetry recitations), children’s events (face printing, bird costume making, nature cards making, painting and bird quiz competitions), and exhibitions (bird painting, bird prints, bird photographs).

Cicogna Day (Stork Day)

Public Stork Census
White Stork/Bird Watching
Cultural games and programmes
Cooperation with schools
White Stork Center Festival

World Migratory Bird Day 2008

During World Migratory Bird Day 2008 Students of Children Art House will participate in education activities such as quizzes and ecological games.
We will discuss bird migration and threats on bird flyways, such as spring hunting and poisoning in result of lead shot consuming, collision with power lines and how to help miratory bird. We conducted yet activities in 3 kindergardens. We showed them toy birds with real bird songs and talked to them about birds. Unfortunately we cannot have good birdwatching because it is still too cold in our place.

World Migratory Bird Day celebrations

The event comprises of three major events namely:
1. Early morning nature walk including bird watching
2. Canoeing around the open waters including bird racing
3. public dialogue / public awareness meeting

In attendance will be the resident local communities (SSGs taking a lead on local organisation/arrangements), members of tour and tour operators, private sector and government institutions as well as members of the general public and university students.

Just - Family

-Lectures(Birds and roles)
-awareness on migratory birds - habitat and threats
-pictures and films

Some juices, biscuits and small gifts to my kids will be given. We will create a beautiful picture of a Crown Crane, dimentioned 100 x 50cm for their mother.

Migratory Birds ambassadors for biodiversity & peace

The event will include schools from near villages presenting dances under the theme of bird's protection & spreading peace & in addition to traditional dances from Kfar Zabad village. The second day will include ecotouristic activities in the Hima.


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