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Biodiversirty Conservation and Sustainable Management of our Ecosystem

Firstly, we have organised Media Interview on radio GBC on two occasions prior to the actual celebration.Hence,we have series of meetings before actual programme.

Outline of Programme on Occassion

1.Ceremony at Sakumo Lagoon and Ramsar site

2.Tema Metropolitan Executive is invited

3. Tema Metropolitan Agricultural Officer invited

4.Tema traditional Chief invited

5.Ghana Education Service notified

6.Ghana Wild Life Society to deliever keynote address

7.School children from selected schools in tema invited

8.general public


1. Workshop of Bird Migration and Training Birdwatching

2. Observation and  Birdwatching of Bird Migration

Migratory birds are awesome: Lets Save them Campaign

The '' Migratory birds are awesome: lets Save them campaign'' is a multifaceted celebration of World Migratory Bird Day 2016. Ghana Wildlife Society (GWS) will engage its junior members of the wildlife clubs in an awareness campaign on the effects of illegal trade and killing of migratory birds. Documentaries highlighting the killing and trade will be showed to children in three clubs close to wetlands to raise awareness on the 10th of May. News paper articles will be published in the national dailies to commerorate the WMBD 2016.

Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day with the Egyptian Vulture

The Hellenic Ornithological Society/ BirdLife Greece in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Meteora, invites children of all ages to celebrate with us the World Migratory Bird Day, along with the Egyptian Vultures that have arrived to Meteora from Africa.

The 2-day event includes power point presentations, implementation of environmental education activities and guided tours to the Natural History Museum exhibition, in the framewok of the LIFE+ Project "The Return of the Neophron".

Tous pour sauver les oiseaux migrateurs

L’éducation à l’environnement dans le programme scolaire fait aujourd’hui partie intégrante des actions en faveur de la protection des oiseaux migrateurs.

La Fondation Agir Pour l’Afrique (F.A.P.A) considère la célébration de la  Journée Mondiale des Oiseaux Migrateurs comme la condition nécessaire pour que naissent la prise de conscience et l’envie d’action pour la protection des oiseaux migrateurs. Cette journée est aussi un atout pour une conservation efficace de ces oiseaux.

Pengamatan Burung di Kota Banjarmasin

SBBC (South Borneo Biology Club) melakukan pengamatan burung di sekitar kecamatan Banjarmasin Utara. 


2016 World Migratory Bird Day Celebration in Ethiopia

The 2016 World Migratory Bird Day will be celebrated  for the 7th time in Ethiopia with events of Bird Watching, Educational Activity and Media event. The dates for the event are from 10-13 May 2016. People from different professional backgrounds and local communities will be invited on the occation.

Visita temática: Dia mundial das Aves MIgratórias

Localizado no coração da mais importante zona húmida de Portugal, o Estuário do Tejo, o EVOA – Espaço de Visitação e Observação de Aves permite que os visitantes conheçam e desfrutem do património único, existente entre a lezíria e o estuário do Tejo.

Myriads of Birding Arts

<p>To&nbsp;celebrating&nbsp;this&nbsp;coming up&nbsp;World&nbsp;Migratory&nbsp;Bird Day, our&nbsp;study&nbsp;club -&nbsp;Kepak Sayap from Sebelas Maret University will hold&nbsp;an&nbsp;event titled 'Myriads of Birding Arts'&nbsp;at&nbsp;Solo&nbsp;Car&nbsp;Free&nbsp;Day,&nbsp;Slamet Riyadi&nbsp;Street,&nbsp;Surakarta.


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