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Educational workshop for high school students at Tivat salina

Center for Protection and Research of birds of Montenegro together with Tivat Municipality and Public Enterprise for management of coastal zone  will celebrate World Migratory Day by organizing educational on-the-field  workshop for students from high school "Mladost" from Tivat. The event will be held on 10th May starting at 10.15 am at the special nature reserve Tivat salina. The  focus of the event will be on raising awarenes about the important bird and plant species  present there and the importance of the salina.

Pelicans Day & Local Products Fair

Location: Divjaka-Karavasta National Park.

Date: 10.05.2016

Time: 10:00, at the park office.

Topic / theme: Protection and conservation of high biodiversity natural values of the region with a greater focus on the flagship species of the park, the Dalmatian pelican together with the promotion of local products.

The event will be merged within the World Migratory Bird Day by emphasizing the theme for 2016: Stop the Illegal Killing, Taking and Trade of Migratory Birds.

Field visit to the sites of migratory birds in the region Obokmah - farwa

The Society of Environmental Badu Zuwarah organizes a field visit to the sites of migratory birds in the region Obokmah - scalp - the head of Igdir with a group of Boy Scouts Mvoutih Zuwarah and some interested members and lectures will be held about the importance of birds and knowledge of their different species.


Conservation of the Lesser Kestrel in Palestine

Inviting the people, including the universities students and the general public to the important Bird Area in Bethelem District to watch the lesser kestrel and to have an exhibtion photos of the biodiversity in Palestine.

world bird migratory day celebration in Banjul

The workshop will help raise awareness of the participants on the importance of water birds and conservation of their habitats in the country, for tourism and serves as biological indicators for a healthy environment.

The field visit in hunting areas and forests will enable to compare the long term benefit of killing and conserving birds species and their related habitats for revenue generation through tourism. 

WMBD 2016 at Aras Bird Banding, Research and Education Center and Igdir

Igdir Directorate of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Kafkas University Ornithology Center, KuzeyDoga Society and Igdir University organizes the WMBD 2016 event together in northeast of Turkey with the participation of university students, primary and secondary school students, teachers, local people, GO and NGO representatives and press. The event will take place with the collaboration of Hazar College, Tuzluca Governorship, Igdir Security Directorate, Igdir Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Aralik Municipality and Karakoyunlu Municipality.

Raising awareness to ensure the conservation of migratory birds in the Hadejia - Nguru wetlands and other key sites in Nigeria

General Description of the event and proposed activities:The Hadejia – Nguru Wetlands, designated as a Ramsar site, is one of the key sites that harbours large concentrations of water birds in the west African sub region. During the last water bird counts conducted in January 2016, an estimated one hundred and sixty six thousand four hundred and thirty nine (166,439) water birds were counted; of both resident and migratory.  There were sixty one (61) species recorded in that count..

The birdwatching around Tatranská Lomnica and Kvetnica for the studenst from Slovak and Czech republic

A two-day program for the pupils of primary schools from Poprad, Slovak republic and Roztoky in the Czech Republic will be held by the Administration of the High Tatras National Park on 4 and 5 May.  Both days an excursion with birdwatching and identifying the bird species around Tatranská Lomnica and Kvetnica pri Porade will be realized for students. May 5 after lunch, the students will be in an environmental lab watching movies about migratory birds, including the eagle Anička returning from Africa.

Hands together Towards Conserving and Protecting Migratory birds against Illegal Killing, Taking, and Trading

Wildlife Conservation General Administration the Focal Point of AEWA in Sudan will organize an Educational , Awareness Programme through Scientific Paper Presentations,Plaform Disscution and Birdwatching  Activities in Sunt Forest at the East bank of White Nile in Khartoum State.

There willbe:

-  A brief notes about WMBD Celebration and it's theme for the year 2016 . 

- 6 Scientific Papers as follows;

Birds in Sudan - Now &Future

Conservation of Migratory Birds in Sudan

Conservation of migratory Birds Golabaly


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