Educational Activity

Las Aves Migratorias y el Parque NAcional Cajas

Instalación de carpas informativas alusivas al tema con fotos de las especies registradas en el Parque Nacional, Proyección de Videos, Obra de teatro sobre la leyenda del Halcón Peregrino

Observación de aves zona Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas

Se realizará un recorrido de campo en el predio de las instalaciones del Zoológico El Barquero, para observar avifauna de la zona.

Día de Conferencias: Día Internacional de las Aves - Un Bosque Verde -

Día de conferencias acerca de la celebración del día internacional de las aves Migratorias, proyectos académicos y de organizaciones para la conservación.
Instalación de un stand con material divulgativo, para los estudiantes universitarios.

IBAs conservation and tourism

WMBD 2014 will be celebrated in 4 regions of Uzbekistan by initiative of members and volunteers of Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds (UzSPB). Main activities will take place on IBA "Dalverzin hunting-management area" in the framework of the project "Developing mechanisms for conservation of main ecosystems of Uzbekistan". Stakeholders together with staff of the territory will place information board about value of the site for tourists, hunters and visitors.

World Migration Bird Day in Evros Delta

School children of the Primary School of Anthia will celebrate with the Management Authority and the Natural History Museum of Maistros the WMBD in the Evros Delta Visitor Centre and in Evros Delta, on May 14th.
The celebration will include Powerpoint projection with the theme of the day, birdwatching and educational activities (environmental games, handicrafts, etc.)

Ptasi Raj Parku Wodnego

Date: Saturday; 10 May
Time: 12:00 - 17:30
Place: Tychy; Sikorskiego (Street)

Activity: hanging nest boxes; birdwatching

Awareness Activities among School Children

We are upcoming organisation"Virutcham Foundation" we work for the welfare of planet earth we create awareness among school children on our part of the country and we received the poster(100 numbers) from you last week and we have displayed it in as many schools as possible and we hope to do better if guide properly we are doing it on our own interest.we are conducting a camp on 9th May 2014 to 12 may 2014 to raise awareness in india.

Histoire des Oiseaux Migrateurs

Action éducative destinée à 6o élèves d'une école primaire. Au programme, un aperçu sur l'histoire des oiseaux migrateurs, une présentation sur les oiseaux d'eau de la lagune de Maâmoura et au final un jeux d'assemblage des oiseaux.

Ørland Våtmarkssenter markerer Verdens Trekkfugldag

Verdens trekkfugldag søndag 11.05.2014

Kl 10:00 Foredrag: «Trekkfugler og deres utrolige reiser».
Jørgen Skavdal Søraker, NOF Fosen.
Sted: Ørland Våtmarkssenter.
Kl 11:00 Fugletitting med guide i Grandefjæra
Kl 12:00 Innvielse av nye benker og bord i amfiet i Grandefjæra.
Natursti for både voksne og barn, mulighet for grilling, fugletitting med guide
Kl 14:00 «Åpning» av lyddusj i utstillinga i Ørland Våtmarkssenter

Arr. Ørland Våtmarssenter i samarbeid med NOF Fosen


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