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Registered WMBD Events in Indonesia

Title WMBD Country Post date Event Type
Studium General: Migratory bird conservation efforts in Indonesia 2019 Indonesia 22/Oct/2019 Educational Activity
Birdwatching and educational activity 2019 Indonesia 19/May/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity
Birdwatching at Protected Forest Angke Kapuk 2019 Indonesia 10/May/2019 Birdwatching, Media Event
birdwatching and educational Activity 2019 Indonesia 09/May/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity
Eco Ramadhan : Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day 2019 2019 Indonesia 30/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Movie
Gresik Migratory Bird Fest 2019 Indonesia 25/Apr/2019 Bird Camp, Birdwatching, Educational Activity, Festival, Movie
Fight plastic waste, protect birds 2019 Indonesia 23/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity, Media Event
Birdwatching and Clean Plastic Polution Taman Wisata Alam, Angke Kapuk 2019 Indonesia 20/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity
Bird Conservation and Save the Earth from Plastic Pollution 2019 Indonesia 12/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity, Festival, Media Event
public lecture and birdwatching, take actions clean up ocean activity in North Sumatera 2019 Indonesia 11/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity, Other
World Migratory Bird Day 2019 in Indonesia 2019 Indonesia 07/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity, Media Event
Halisater's Comunity Service 2019 Indonesia 05/Apr/2019 Educational Activity
Beat Plastic Pollution, Save Migratory Birds 2019 Indonesia 05/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Other
Birdwatching in Berbak Sembilang National Park 2019 Indonesia 05/Apr/2019 Birdwatching
Pelatuk On The Road 2019 Indonesia 05/Apr/2019 Bird Camp, Educational Activity
Save Migratory Birds From Plastic Pollution 2019 Indonesia 02/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity, Movie
Mari Sayangi Lingkungan Agar Burung Tetap Bernyanyi (Lets love the environment to keep birds singing) 2019 Indonesia 01/Apr/2019 Birdwatching, Educational Activity